Monday, October 6, 2008

Outdoor Speakers - Halloween

For Halloween last year we purchased outdoor speakers that look like real rocks. We purchase the large outdoor rock speakers from the guys over at and hid them behind the bushes at the front door. When kids came up we blasted them. It was funny. This year we are getting a couple more to place down by the driveway so as they are leaving & they think the coast is clear, we get them again. This is a blast for kids in the neighborhood & also for the adults. I would not scare the little tikes but the older ones got it good. If anybody needs help with the setup, call the guys over at Outdoor Speaker Store or -They hooked us up & shipped it for free!



Jason H. said...

Your 200W outdoor wireless rock speakers are great! We ordered an extra set so we could have the same music on all four speakers around our pool. Do you guys have more color choices coming? I'm asking about the ones you have on the home page:

Thanks again for the fast delivery & professional advice.

Jason H.

Jessica said...

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david warner said...

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